British African Business Alliance exists to bring people together to share ideas and opportunities, to galvanise business in the creation of widely-held wealth in Africa.

That wealth creation starts when you can build a team of people, who work together to supply products or services to a hungry market. The team learns to depend on and trust each other; to act in the best interest of the business; and, to profit as a result. Revenue generated and shared creates valuable wages. Regular wages change 'subsistence' into a more reliable way of life; and from regular wages flow education and healthcare. From all these benefits flow trust, honesty and respect.

So the questions are for you, the 'business leader' - who do you influence? What change can you manifest? How can you make money? What opportunities can you create?

Established in 2009, British African Business Alliance has learnt about its market about the attitudes and activities of business leaders in the diaspora and is keen to provide support, skills, assistance, information through access to qualified advisors and consultants. When a project is "investor ready", where possible we will facilitate access to funding.

Working on your own, you can miss out on the skills of partners, the opportunities of shared-knowledge that is freely available to you and the chance to make your business fly. Networking together enables you to leverage each others skills, multiplying many times the benefits that follow.

However, until a project is “investor ready” it will never fly. Investors rightly withhold their money until their confidence in the management team, technology, market strategy, production processes, financial control and timing of the business are transparent, proven and credible.

There is much to be done, so let us start…

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"British African Business Alliance delivered everything they promised. We met new customers, made sales and initiated projects in 3 countries!”

Parry Building Products,
Birmingham UK

SEASONED Business PROfessionals

OUR Members Know Africa and Know how business is done - share Their knowledge. 

- Creating Businesses, Jobs and Wealth in Africa

"BABA identified key areas of opportunity through their diaspora network and introduce us to potential business partners.”

Minus 40, 
​Cape Town, S. Africa

                   Today, it is more important than ever for the African diaspora to mobilise the skills, expertise, finance and
                technology - available to them where they live - to catalyse change on the Continent.

There are arguments for both top-down and bottom-up change, so it falls to the individual to address the area where they might have the most influence. As the leader of a tribe or clan, you can encourage your followers. As an individual you can work with your family, or community. As a business leader you can work with your company or industry.

Change does not happen by itself, it is the result of action.

 Africans ​
in Diaspora



 To Create  

For Africa  

Our membership includes a wide range of business experts from UK and Africa. We have special expertise in investment, funding and business development. Send us a question and we'll get you an answer...