- Creating Businesses, Jobs and Wealth in Africa

A ready-Made Business For you to start work on Today!

Whatever your situation there is a business you can own and start work on today.

We find very often that all people are lacking is the opportunity to do something worthwhile for their family or community.

We have created a library of businesses with proven business models that enable you to set up in business and get going.

The risks of course are all yours. We make introductions to members who want to grow their businesses byt working with you in a long term relationship. We have checked out what they do and work with them on a week to week basis. As a result we are confident that they do what they say and the businesses models work.

So what do you need to do?

Market Research - Make sure you understand the business model and the oppportunity. Check out your local market and gather information about what is going on. Pick up the details of the costs of any local materials you will need to buy. Speak to potential customers and make sure you understand what they want and how they buy the products you are going to buy. In fact it is down to you to nail down all the details to prove their is demand for the product.

Due Diligence

Investment and Funding