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BABA entrepreneur's Packs 

Country   Sector                                       Funding Req.   Source

All Africa   Building Products Manufacture   from £4,000      Member       

All Africa   Retail Ice Making Solution           from $10,000    Member       

All Africa   Mass Market Solar Power           From $5m          Non-member 

BUSINESS Partners Wanted

Country   Sector                                       Funding Req.   Source

Nigeria      Mobile Money Retail Agents       $1k                   Non-Member 

All Africa   Security - Incident Command      Contracted       Member        

All Africa   Banking and Financial Services  Contracted       Member        

All Africa   Building Products Manufacture   Contracted       Member        

All Africa   Retail Ice Making Solution           Contracted       Member        

All Africa   Food Oil Distribution                   Contracted       Member        

All Africa   Palm Oil Production                    Contracted       Non-member 

Current Investment Opportunities

Country   Sector                       Funding Req.   Source

All Africa   The '3 Hour House'      $3m                  Member             

Nigeria      Food Production         $1.1m                Member            

Ghana      Waste to Power           $1m - $150m     Member            

Nigeria      Waste to Power          $1m - $150m     Non-Member     

Nigeria      Paint Manufacturing    $30k                  Affiliate-member

Nigeria      Agriculture                  $5m                    Member            

Somalia    Technical College       $1.6m                 Member            

Nigeria      Fish Farming              $60k                   Member            

Kenya       Apartment Complex    $50m                  Member            

Nigeria      Lagos Hotel                $4m                    Non-member    

Kenya       Bio-Mass                    $10k - $1m         Member            

Somalia    Agriculture                  $300k                 Non-Member    

Nigeria     Auto Industry               $2m                    Non-Member    

S Africa    Publishing                   $200k                 Affiliate-member

W Africa   Palm Oil Processing    $500k                 Affiliate-member 

Somalia    Fishing Boat Building  $1m                    Member             

Driving Investment, enterprise, Development And Jobs

Investment and Funding

The British African Investment Forum links entrepreneurs and Africa Friendly Investors to stimulate business development and funding  across Africa.

Entrepreneurssubmit your projects to the BABA Investor Panel here.

Investors can review the the listing below or register for access to the full listing. BABA welcomes investors at all levels.

EntrePreneur's Packs

BABA introduced Entrepreneur's Packs to help make investment decisions easier.  A proven plan, training and support for many business opportunities across the continent.

Products and services every town and village needs - building products, refrigeration, bakers and food processors. If you have a business model that works in Africa, we can help you share it.

Business PartnershipS

BABA seeks to introduce partners across all African Countries to UK and African Companies seeking Sales and Distribution Partners. Current opportunities exist in Building Products, Financial Services, Refrigeration and Food Oil
Production & Distribution 

If you seek business partners for your business our members can help.