- Creating Businesses, Jobs and Wealth in Africa

Join as a Charity - £200 or £1000 (if you employ over 200 people).
So much important work goes into the Charitable sector in Africa. It is often extremely valuable, replacing the social services of the developed world with local facilities that help to meet the needs of local people. Sustaining that activity through donations is increasingly demanding and BABA looks to provide access to viable business models that will supplement donations. We also help you share successes so others who are striving to achieve what you do well. Your membership entitles you to bring 3 people from your team.

Join as Student - £10
We welcome Students, your influence is on the future. Your knowledge is the power to catalyse change with the ideas and opportunities you bring forward. We provide you with access to business leaders who will be able to mentor and guide you, formally or informally and to be a positive influence on the beginings of your working life. Your welcome – if you come to a meeting – please bring a friend.

Join as an Affiliate Group
If you already run a network or group, why not affiliate with us and access the ervices we provide for your members at a discount rate. We collaborate with other groups and choose not to compete, as  together we are stronger.

We bring forward the business agenda and generate revenue for you. We help you to help those of your members who wish to focus on specific business opportunities.

To find out more talk to our Affiliate.Manager@BritishAfrican.org

Join Today

Whichever membership you choose, by joining us you are adding value to the work we are all doing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  As everyone knows - every little helps.

You can join now by: 

  1. Choosing a membership type below and subscribing through PAYPAL;

  2. By downloading  our membership form and sending the completed form to membership@britishafrican.org

Choose your Membership Type

Join as an Individual - £100
We link you with others in your area to create a group. That group grows into a Network with a Network Director and Management team. That network works to bring forward the projects of its members and links into our international network.

Join as Corporate - £1,000
The influence of your organization is established, it provides products and services. We provide further opportunities, potential customers and potential suppliers as well as partners and consultants. As a corporate bring 10 of your team to join the group. They can join locally and be members of the central body choosing where they wish to add their influence. Corporate members employ more than 200 people.

First a big Thank You to our members for their contributions to our development so far. They drive our activities and make the introductions and deals happen.

   Formed in 2009, in response to the concern that African Communities in the UK was highly fragmented, yet so well placed to positively influence business development across the Continent.

   Today, led by a team of African Business Leaders, BABA brings people together to create opportunities, build businesses and create employment across Africa.

    There are many examples of the way in which the introduction of a product, technology or service has gone on to change the lives of an individual, family or community in Africa. Prosperity comes from business.

  • 10 chickens generated a 300% increase in revenue for a 60 year old woman in Ruhanga Uganda. The eggs from the chickens hatched a goat. The goat provided milk, more goats and meat. Change is a process.
  • Rubbish lying in the street, was collected, guaranteeing a supply of material for the furnace of a power station. It produces the electricity so people can read and learn in the dead of night and run businesses in the day. Creating Opportunity and Wealth.
  • Sand, mixed with cement, gravel and water create concrete. Filled into molds that save 40% on the cost of traditional bricks, make blocks to create houses, schools and clinics. Each time creating value.

Mostly membership is about learning; it is about meeting people and hearing about things that have happened somewhere else and may create an opportunity for you.

How we work:

British African brings people together. This can be in smaller local groups of 20-40. Each group tends to focus on a geographic area, like Birmingham, in the UK; or, on a country, like the Ethiopian Business Club, in which we are a partner; or on an industry or sector where there are a group of members who offer market leading solutions to their industry.

You can start today by signing up – so choose your membership level​

Join as Company - £300
We value your membership – bring three people from your team to add to the skills, expertise and technology to be a further positive influence on the group. What you do well is an opportunity for other members. What can we do to help you grow, to maximize your potential and enhance the performance of your business. You tell us, let us mobilise and leverage the skills of our network to make a positive difference.