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 The BABA Market
​ Opportunities 
will provide you with access to UK and International companies who are actively seeking sales and distribution partners across the continent.

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 British African Business  
will present your project to potential customers, suppliers, consultants and advisors, funders and investors.  

British African, often known as BABA, brings people together. This can be in smaller local groups of 20 -40 or it can be for larger events of 100’s. Each group tends to focus on a geographic area, like Birmingham, in the UK; or, on a country like the Ethiopian Business Club in London, in which BABA is a partner; or on an industry or sector where there are a group of members who offer market leading solutions to their industry.

For you, we try to make it easy. What are you wanting to do? You are the leader, the project owner and it is your objectives we want to help you meet.  Consider these benefits, then you can start today, by signing up – so, simply choose your membership level.

And for those of you just starting out  in business our Business Builders Programme introduces you to professionals in the 8 key business start-up disciplines of Financial Management, Marketing, Law, IT, Human Resources, Investment and Funding, and International Business and you will have a robust plan on which you can proceed.

 British African Funding and  
will review your project and make “investor ready” projects available to relevant funders and investors.

 The BABA Community  
​ Development Plan
 will provide you with a format that enables you to work with your community to create positive change.

 The BABA Project Summary 
will add your opportunity to our business pipeline

 The BABA Entrepreneur’s  
Series will provide you  
with access to ready made businesses. So you are “in Business” and ready to go.