Networking for Business Growth

Company Overview

British African Business Alliance is a limited company registered in England and Wales. We provide our members with a variety of products and services. We are building a network of members and alliances that seek to stimulate links between our members and contacts to accelerate the development of their projects in Africa or the UK.

Most importantly, we are looking to create links between established business professionals through membership. That enables us to stimulate the growth of trust and confidence.

Regular networking meetings, the development of real projects, the promotion of business opportunities and the careful management of the business development process, all provide a platform to generate New Contacts, acquire New Knowledge and perhaps identify the Opportunity of a Deal.

Our Mission
The systems and techniques that we employ help to accelerate the process for the benefit of our members. In 2019 our mission is to establish 10 UK networks with 100 members in each, and to get 100 projects active on the continent by December. By 2020 our objective is to mobilise 10,000 business leaders in the Diaspora and UK business to be active in business development in Africa.

Through BABA, we also have access to a growing panel of international investors, who are looking to find the right projects, business opportunities and development programmes across Africa to feed their appetite. There is no easy way to raise money. It takes hard work, resilience and perseverance. By helping you to put in place the right research, carefully constructed business plans and persuasive investment propositions, BABA and its members help you to succeed.

Run by a dedicated Management Team, made up of members, BABA operates in the best interest of its members. Transparency in its operations, clarity in its business objectives combines with professional business skills to help members to reach new levels of success in their businesses and careers. We work with you, as YOU drive your own project forward!

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BABA's network of business professionals is working to build trust and confidence in African business. With so much to be done, we are keen to accelerate progress by sharing ideas, know-how and opportunities as we  develop best practice solutions to common issues.

Membership adds value to you and your business. 

  1) Activate your project

  2) Develop a business plan

  3) Identify business partners

  4) Seek funding and investment

  5) Grow your contact base


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