First Steps to Successful Strategies

Getting Serious About Business

BABA and its members work together to get serious about business opportunities in Africa. 
Nothing is more important than protecting the wealth you have created; and, nothing is more exciting than developing the next steps for your business.

To help our members we have devised a series of practical initiatives to get you started on the next step, whatever the size of your business. Use our BABA Project Summary to help define your objectives and lay down the building blocks of your plan. Investigate our BABA Entrepreneur’s Packs, if you are looking for a ready-made business that offers profitable employment to the people in your community. Find out more about International representation with our BABA Market Opportunities or check out what are members are looking for in the BABA Project Pipeline

Join and Access the BABA Members' Zone
The Members' Zone, is an area restricted for members, where projects can be opened for discussion and development, where you can contact other members directly to access their products and services, expertise and advice. You have access to Members Only information, too. 



BABA Project Summary

Download this template for a Project Summary. Complete the various sections and submit it to the BABA Management Team running your network.

Get your dream down on paper and you'll find you have the basis of a plan... work with experts to develop your strategy.

The team will leverage the contacts in the Network and seek to help you accelerate your progress.


Funding and Investment

Our experts will help you to identify the right partners, funders and investors for your project.

Each project is taken forward under Non-Disclosure Agreements and clear agreements on Success Fees. 

Discuss your project with the Management Team in your local network and reach out to the experts across the network. 

If you are looking to invest then check out the BABA Investment Pipeline

BABA Project List

Check out the list of projects our members and contacts have brought forward.

You may find a project to invest in; to partner with; or to learn more about. 

We protect the confidentiality of our members’ projects and their intellectual property , but we also work to create partnerships that save people from reinventing the same wheel, again and again. 

Engaging with the Diaspora

The Diaspora, in the UK, with its skills, expertise and investment funds, is a force to be reckoned with. There are people, who are looking for opportunities to add value to your business.

Clear objectives, careful management and transparent financial dealings are  some of the advantages they bring. The power of this community is largely untapped by business in Africa.