Ready-made Businesses

Pick a business, research the potential and get started!

Construction and Building Materials from £3,000
Everything you need, less sand, cement and gravel, to make one or two storey houses, schools or clinics, with a business plan for a Building Supplies Co or a Building Co. Download the Entrepreneur's Pack

Your IT Consultancy from £4,000
Your Business in a USB Stick – based on suites of software for clinics, hospitals, schools and universities, this is  a plan designed to help you build your own IT Consultancy.



What can I do in Africa?

So many people want to know what to do to make money in Africa. 

BABA have introduced the BABA Entrepreneurs' Pack Library. We provide you with guidance on Ready-made businesses that you can use to develop a profitable enterprises that create sustainable jobs.

The business models are proven, so work with the experts, do the training and get started.

With so many opportunities that need to be addressed, a walk through any African Community throws open the door to entrepreneurs and developers alike. 

We extend our library all the time so, review the list here and download the information sheets you need to get started. 

Come back from time to time to check out on something new.

Picture your future...